1987 Mercedes 300d front suspension problem.

Question by mmankin71 posted 6 months 3 weeks ago in Mercedes-Benz

A couple of months ago I had my original front struts replaced with 2 new OEM Monroe struts because my old struts were completely worn out; causing my front tires to rub against the front wheel wells. After installing the new struts that seemed to fix the problem by raising the front end back up. But now I have noticed the front end has become soft and springy again!? But my front struts are brand new, so I am wondering what could be the problem for my front end riding so low on the tires? The mechanic who installed the new struts said my springs looked fine but I did need to replace the inner/outer tie rods for the driver side and just the outer tie rod for the passenger side which I haven't installed yet. I wouldn't think tie rods would affect the height of my front end riding on my tires? Any help will be greatly appreciated