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1992 Mercedes 300SL.Which has been sitting for a few months.No ABS light on.Plenty of fluid and pressure coming from the master cylinder to the ABS unit/pump (Bosch part #0 265 200 043).If I back way off on the (ABS unit) fittings to the front wheels,I don't get any fluid.I've tried pumping it with the engine off and running.Local mechanics that I talk to seem to think that there is no way the ABS unit/pump would cause this.This unit also has a integrated Proportioning valve.Any ideas ? Thanks!

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BMWadict  1 year 5 months ago

You are not getting any brake fluid to the front brake calipers? Has the car been in any accidents recently?

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McGee  1 year 5 months ago

No accidents.Car has been sitting for many months.Thanks!

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MBFanatic  1 year 5 months ago

The ABS unit is the most probable cause here. What have the mechanics checked that makes them believe it is not the ABS pump?

I would get a used ABS pump and replace it. They are cheap online.

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McGee  1 year 5 months ago

That's my plan but I wanted to see if I was missing something.Thanks Very Much.

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Visitor  1 year 5 months ago

Bought a used ABS pump on Ebay for $60. shipped.Installed it,BINGO I now have front brakes! I bled and flushed the brake system.It took only about 16 oz if that of new fluid.I've read that people have used almost the whole 32 oz.,well maybe I'm just cheap but I think I flushed it all.I used Bosch DOT3,4, 5.1 compatible brake fluid.It was more money but I figured they made the ABS unit so I went for it.Seemed like the last flushed brake cal.(drivers side front) closest to the master and ABS had the most air and crap in it.Thanks