1997 E420 Wont Start

Question by Michael McFearin posted 6 months 3 weeks ago in E-Class

A few years back my 1997 E420 started to run poorly and was burning a lot of gas, had an error for three ignition coils misfiring. I also had a CLK320 and 560SEL so I garaged it for a later day. When parking I added stabilizer to the fuel and buttoned it all up tight dry and clean. So here we are a few years later and it is my last MB and I wanted to get her running again. It will turn over but not run. I have no error lights or codes in the computer. I went ahead and did a bunch of maintenance so I am not willing to give up yet. Whats done so far.

New plugs x8
New ignition Coils x8
New Water Pump
New Electric radiator fans
New Oil and Filter
Drained tank and put in fresh gas
New Fuel Pump and Fuel Filter
New O2 Sensors x4

All this was done before I tried to turn it over. It turns over easily and I don't hear anything I shouldn't. What I am no longer hearing is the noise from the fuel pump. I used to hear a soft noise as soon an the key was on the 2nd position. I have checked every fuse I can find in the car and pulled out the K40 which looks as new as the day it came from the factory. The pump tested great on the bench so I know it is good. Any one have a suggestion or next step in my testing? Thank you for your time.