1998 ML320 no start 8 key slots filled

My 1998 ML320 shows the 8 key tracks are filled, MB no longer makes keys, nor valet key can be had. MB stated you must RE KEY the whole vehicle and change the AAM and ECM to make it run again, about 4k in parts + labor. 1st how do you RE-KEY if they can not be made? 2nd why put 4k in parts for a $2k vehicle? What parts do I need from a crashed ML320, same era, to make it run and drive, DO NOT need the remote functions, windows door locks and such. just want start and drive. Only has 109k on it, not looking to part it out. 

NOTE If I put the key in, and turn fast to start, will fire up for 1-2 seconds and shut down, if you wait for dash indicators to light, key will do nothing, NO HAND SHAKE from dash security by radio.