1999 Acura Integra LS with 2001 engine replacement - issues with compatible mounts & brackets

Since I bought this car it has not had working AC, so trying to fix this.  Engine is B18 B1, replaced with one from a 2001 model.  The compressor for a 1999 has four long mounting screws, but only two of them match up to the bracket.  We tried to make do with this, but there are 3 or 4 belts running through each other, and the compressor must be stable and level so these belts do not come loose or break.  Is there a major difference in the compressor for a 2001 and compressor for the 1999?  Does anyone have any diagrams that show mounting and brackets, and can you tell what the differences are between the two years?  I seem to need another bracket or something to hold up the rear of the compressor.  Perhaps a 2001 compressor would mount differently?  Not sure if I'm missing a bracket or if the 99 and 01 compressor differences would fix the problem.

Also the high pressure hoses do not connect the same way or are not laid out the same way ... does anyone have the diagram of the 2001 A/C system, and compressor to condenser hoses?