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I'm considering buying a nice little 2000 Mercedes SLK 230 (two seat hardtop convertible).   Everything seems okay on it, but when I go to stomp on it to check the acceleration, it only slowly accelerates - it does not downshift to increase the rpm's and give it that jump like it should.  The gears seem to shift fine with the manual automatic, it's just when I'm driving in automatic.  I'm hoping it may be a solenoid of some type, but want to present that question to the group.  Any insight would be helpful - thanks!


John in Vegas


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MBFanatic  7 months 1 week ago

Hi John  

Those are fun cars I used to have Slk320. 

Did you ask when was the last time the car had any major tune up? New filers and spark plugs especially.

Try to do a transmission ECU reset. Search Mercedes r170 transmission reset instructions. You basically turn on ignition press the accelerator to the floor for about 30 seconds then turn of ignition. The car monitors the driving style and adjusts to that. If you reset it it goes back to the factory shift pattern. 



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shadowdogcole  7 months 1 week ago

The current guy has only owned about four months, but because of a sudden move back to California, he's not needing to take it with him.  I may test drive it again tomorrow and see if that works - thank you so very much!!


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MBFanatic  7 months 1 week ago

That engine also tends to build up carbon deposit around the valves. Usually you can run something like seafoam which should help with that. 

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