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My battery went bad on my 2001 BMW 325i I went about another battery and put it in an instrument cluster would come back on I let it sit for a couple hours and it finally came back on I was told my instrument cluster is going bad three to four weeks later my alternator went out I bought another one instrument cluster did the same thing when come back on let it sit finally came back on my display window it's damn like it's going out once I cut the car off and comes back bright my temperature Gage light is about  to go out my DSC and brake light is yellow it's no how much would it be to get that fixed?? If you can email me back and let me know I sure appreciate it thanks


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MercedesMedic  2 weeks 3 days ago

Get a used one and have a shop correct the mileage. Look for a used one on

At the dealer you are looking at 1000+.

Check the battery too as that can cause all sort of electrical issues. 

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Baller  2 weeks 2 days ago

Thank you for the comment I got a used one from a shop that works on BMW's this will make the second one that went bad in my car they didn't calibrated so I decided just get the original one fix

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Baller  2 days 4 hours ago

Do anyone know where I can send my instrument cluster to get fixed at a reasonable price for my 2001 BMW 325i I can't find the address or the telephone number or price on this website youcanic   if anyo can point me in the right direction I sure would appreciate it if you can send me the link to the website thanks




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MercedesMedic  1 day 22 hours ago

This platform publishes tutorials on how to fix cars. They don't offer any repair service that you are looking for. 

You can find companies that are willing to fix it on ebay. Yes eBay. Enter your bmw chassis cluster repair service. 

Hope this helps.