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Following a major engine service at the dealer my gas gauge will no longer read full. It reads just under 1/2 even when filled to the top. I have purchased new left and right senders but am uncertain of their location,  and how to get at them. I  think they are removed/replaced from under the car, behind a cover with three bolts with the tank in place. Is is necessary to fully drain the tank in order to replace them? If tank must be drained what is the best/easiest way. Also I had the fuel pump replaced 7 months ago. Since I believe this car has a saddle type fuel tank I wonder how fuel gets from one side to the other if the sender with the pump is the defective one. In other words, when gauge reads less than 1/2, but car wont accept more fuel , are both halves of tank filled?

Thanks in advance for any help


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MBFanatic  3 months 3 weeks ago

I have changed the fuel pump on a w203 before. In that model you remove the rear seat to get to the fuel pump. Your W208 should be the same.

As far as the level not showing correctly, you can fix that by calibrating the fuel gague. Your dealer can do that using Diagnostic Star Scanner.

Hope this helps.

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