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My W203 Shifter stuck on park.i have replace brake switch, shifter itself and the only thing remaining is ETC/TCU. My question is if I replace the TCU with the same part number do I have to sent it to be reprogrammed or a it's plug and play and if it has to be programmed where can I sent it?. Please help


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MBFanatic  1 year 3 months ago

TCU. Yes the TCU will need to be programed. You can't install a used TCU on W203. The new TCU will need to be "virgin" in order to write the vin number. If it was my car, I would find a shop that has Star Diagnostic scanner and have them read the codes. The problem may be the shifter. Have you tried to manually put the car in Drive. Override park. Look up instructions on your owners manual on how to do this. See if the car works properly when you manually move the shifter in drive. Shifter. Installing a used shifter. I believe on the w203 you need to program the TCU to recognize the new shifter as well. To verify if you can install a used shifter, call your dealer with the vin number. I am 90% sure you can't install a used shifter. Hope this helps

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