2001 Oldsmobile Alero problem

So I had an ignition switch issue which was reset and resolved and it starts and runs... after about two weeks, now it has the door chime going on even when the car is off and all doors are shut. also the rear view mirror lights stay on too but not the dome light. To save myself the battery I just unplugged the battery until i need to drive it tomorrow, and until i figure out what this is i suppose thats how i will live life because i gotta get to work and back. 

How do i stop the dinging, and make it realize it is in fact off and all doors are shut. Ive checked all the doors, none of the push in buttons are stuck so the doors are reading as closed. the lights are off, the only thing that makes sense is a fuse or wiring or maybe its just a piece of junk. 

would my previous ignition switch issues cause this as well? Is it safe to drive or will more go wrong? I have a 7 year old and i dont want it just shutting off or going crazy while she is with me. please help