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Car either stall on stopping or pulls off erratically, could this be a faulty Sam?Once driving runs normally,no other problem.


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MercedesMedic  8 months 1 week ago

I wouldn't jump to that conclusion yet. Especially if all the electronics are working properly including turn signals, lights, windows etc. You only have the problem at idle. First read codes if your check engine light is on. If the light is not on, you should consider chaning the engine air filter. Also clean the throttle body. It is all the way on the back of the engine, where the engine cover goes over the intake. The 90 degree bend can be removed. Once you remove it you will see the butterfly valve that regulates the air flow. Clean around the butterfly valve. Dirt accumulates at this point and restricts the air flow at idle. I think this is the most likly cause of your problem and not a SAM. At least check this first since it doesn't cost anything more than 10 minutes.

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