2002 sl55 amg rhd vario roof not working

Question by cornagill18 posted 4 months 3 weeks ago in SL-Class

Windows go down 20mm and that's it roof does not open.

The code I am getting is as follows. 

Component A7/5K1 (relay) or lead has short circuit to ground. I have checked the relay and all is well. how do I check for short to ground or broken wire.

Or is there anything else I should be looking at. 

I should also mention the roof worked until I replaced the rear left strut due to ABC light. So I am currently looking at switch S117 if I can get at it. Also I have the boot lid opened out fully is there a way to manually open the roof section for better access to test all the switches .

I post pictures of readings from the diagnostic scanner if it helps 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Kind regards Paul