2003 ML 350 - Vibrations at 65 mph - Loud base Boom noise at 70 mph

Recently had new brakes and new tires installed when car was making a chirping noise at Newnan GA garage. After this a noticeable seat vibration began at 65mpm and loud booming base sound at 70mph. Tires were swapped out for 2nd new set. Vibration and noise continued, they replaced the front section of the drive shaft and U-Joint twice. Then said they did not know what to do. Told me to turn up my radio.

2nd local Garage in Atlanta then installed the back section of drive shaft, balanced the drive shaft and U-Joints. Total $3,000 later the vibrations and boom noise continues. They don't know what to do, told me to just drive it.
Car good as it ever was up to 55mph, but I need to drive on interstate. 2 different garages have no clue. Now say I need new motor mounts, but may not be the solution. I keep saying the vibrations and boom began after initial replacing of tires and brakes. Help, just want my car back.

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