2003 SL500 Battery Charge has caused weird light warning on dash and accessories to stop working?

Question by 03SL500 posted 7 months 3 weeks ago in SL-Class

I recently had my 2003 SL500 in storage and brought it home, drove fine except the driving lights were flickering trying to come on, so left them off. I got home and put a battery tender on it overnight, green meant charged. When I got in to start it, it 1st said ESP defective, visit shop, so I did the wheel turn back and forth and that warning went away. But now my brake light stays on(Parking Brake warning on dash) Air conditioner won't go to auto or on, stays off, front drivers side HID is out and parking bulb, and driving lights and both side markers up front are out. All it says on dash is bulb in left display and Visit shop on right display? Is the convenience module bad, or battery or what. It had been driving fine, awesome and everything worked before storing it/ What happened? Help.