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So I just bought this car was told air system will need replaced. I figured no problem I'll put the conversion with coilovers and call it a day. Here goes I started looking at car and did some simple once over stuff. I got soapy water sprayed bags/strurs while car was running with the compressor running I didn't see a single bubble as I was looking for some sign of wear nothing. I heard the compressor rattle a bit so I stuck my head down by bumper and it sounds like it's just blowing the air into atmosphere. I hear puffs of air clearly. So could it be a line broken either at compressor or tank? It would be cost effective to fix that rather than buy struts if this is common issue with these I'd take the time to remove bumper cover and repair or is what I'm hearing somthing totally different? I build custom vehicles and have installed countless air ride systems so I have experience with air struts and bags but zero experience with w220 airmatic. I'm sure that there is experts on this especially after seeing so many people talking about issues with the system... So anything to help aid my decision I will appreciate greatly.


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BMWadict  1 year 4 months ago

It will be more cost effective to fix the leak that you have rather than buy struts and replace all of them. The air suspension on on W220 is not that complicated and there are a lot of resources online. The only reason why I would convert to struts is if you plan on using the car for long trips in which case you may not want to air struts to fail when you are 500 miles away from home. If this is a second car for you don't change them. Enjoy the air ride. Let us know if you end up finding the leak. You may have a broken line right at the compressor. Get it replaced, it may be all it needs.

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Dboy  1 year 4 months ago

Thank you for your replies my phone keeps freezing up I looked into it more will go into detail when I get better service thanks again

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MBFanatic  1 year 4 months ago

Let me know if there are any updates.

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