I have changed the chranshaft sensor, the camshaft sensor, new battery ,new skreem module,  rapier the RVM and the car only start one time if I try again nothing happened,  if I disconnect the battery,  all over again,  one time  start and nothing,  the dash board lights are on but the car will no start for the  second time,  what can be the problem. 

All started with me going to work and 1mil after driving the car just died,  I tried to start the car and 1,2 3 nothing,  my husband pulled the car for 1 1/2mil to the house and I di not turne off the towing switch off,after the fen of the car come on very  loud and the when off. After in the house tried to turn it on and 123 nothing,  next day we tried and the fan was the only thing was on. 


The battery jus but it last month,  I have no tried to jump start the car . Is no a automatic transmission,  is manual transmission. I really don't know what to do,  the mechanic in Texas Dealership have no clue with the car. 

I really enjoyed driving the car.I miss it

Very nice car and sorry to hear about your troubles. There should be a switch by the clutch pedal that is pressed to start the car. Those can be defective and prevent the car from starting.

That should be one thing to keep in mind. Another possible problem is the ignition module which is known to be a problem. 

What other troubleshooting have you done? 

So far is all train to get myself health back . I will try this weekend if is any codes. I be in touch 

Okay hope you get better soon and give us an update if you do more troubleshooting  

Absolutely the sooner I get a update I will post it for help.  Thank you 

I was wondering, is the car warmed up when it does not start? If that is the case, it usually is the crankshaft position sensor. If you already changed it make sure the connection is not loose, and I would recommend the OEM sensor. 

Nop no even has a time to do anything just one time start means engine running and 1min the most and dies. 

Hi, sorry is me again. 

I connect the DRB11 to see if is any codes,  is not communication with the computer. 

Is it not communicating at all? Can you connect to the ECU?

The DRB11 is a chrysler scanner, while this car is nearly 100% based on Mercedes-Benz R170 SLK.

You may have better luck with Mercedes Star Diagnostic scanner.


Nope  my husband is the one trying to fix it 

and right now he hasn't been able to get back in the car.  😑😑😑🤨🤨😥😣😭😭

I will post as soon as I get back. Thank you for your patience. 

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