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My check engine light comes on and off- The car has to be shut off in order to go back into park- transmission goes into safe mode but once I shut it off-take the key out and restart - it drives normal. I already changed the 13 pin connector in transmission with new o-rings. The car soft 2 analyzer says the EMS lever positioning module is faulty. Where is this located and how to I go about buying one??? Is it under the shifter??


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MercedesMedic  9 months 2 weeks ago

You are getting an error for the shifter module. Before you change that, check the transmission fluid level. Those symptoms can be from low trans fluid.

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pmotichek  9 months 2 weeks ago

Where is the shifter module located and where can I buy one? The transmission level is fine ect.... Where do I find this shifter module- Please help. thanks and God Bless

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EuroTech  9 months 2 weeks ago

The shifter module is below the gear selector. For your car it needs to be coded with the VIN from your car or it will not work. Installing a used shifter will prevent the car from starting. This is a job that is for a Mercedes specialist as most owners like you don't have the tools to properly program the new shifter.

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Visitor  9 months 2 weeks ago

Thankyou so much.