2004 Mercedes ml350 power windows

None of my windows work the right side failed first. Any suggestions? Which parts would I need to fix this and how? thanks.


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EuroTech made a comment.
1 year ago

I belive you have two problems going on. If one of the windows on the right side failed, it is very likly that the window regulator failed for that particular door. This is a common problem on the W164 and will require that you or your mechanic replaces the window regulator. One way to verify this is that once you fix all the windows, that particular window on the right will still not work. When you press the switch you will hear grinding noise from that window.

The bigger problem in your case is that you may have a bad master window switch, blown fuse for the windows or the worst case scenario a defective SAM module. You can check the fuses by yourself. You can change the master window switch too but I would recommend that you get it diagnosed first. There is no point on installing a new switch if that is not the problem.

Hate to say it but you need a shop that has a good scanner. Ideally Star Diagnostic Scanner C3 or C4. With such a scanner you can test the opertation on the master window switch. You can also operate each window from the computer.

Let us know what you find out.

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MercedesMedic made a comment.
1 year ago

I would check the window switch first. Most likly it has failed and all your windows will stop working.


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