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I had to rip out my sunroof seal it twisted and cracked from the sun in Colorado. The auto parts store quotes $199 for a simple rubber line about 3 feet long? Can I use a less expensive replacement? thanks


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EuroTech  9 months 1 week ago

The universal rubber line that is sold at Advance Auto Parts and Autozone will not work. Even though it may seem like it fits it will not create a proper seal and eventually you will have a leak. If that happens you will ruin the head liner as well.

What I would recommend is to either buy a used line on eBay or from a local junk yard. Ideally you should get a new one from the dealer cause used sunroof seals tend to crack from the sun just like yours did.

Good luck.

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MercedesMedic  9 months 1 week ago

Get a new seal from the dealer. Everything else is a gamble.