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My Mercedes seems to be stuck in "stick shifting" mode. I have tried calling the closest Mercedes dealership to ask them how to change it back to automatic mode and they were no help. All they could tell me was I needed to bring it in and it would cost at least $150 an hour to work on. So I decided to try and look it up on the internet and you tube. Unfortunately I havent had any luck. I already did a transmission reset on my car as well as unhooking the battery for a few hours and still no progress ? when I drove it it didn't seem like it wanted to shift into a higher gear either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you all in advance!!! ❤


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EuroTech  11 months 1 week ago

The tranmission is stuck in limp mode, if I understand it correctly. That's usually because a fault code is stored in the transmission control unit.

Does it shift at all in manual? Can you get it to 3rd or 4th gear?



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