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I have 2006 Mercedes E-500 4matic.
My air suspension is not working.
Message that appears is STOP CAR TO LOW. Compressor works. No fuse is blown, replaced both K67 relays. Also replaced the manifold with valves. Still car won’t raise. There is no leaks either. Also I have disconnected the battery for 20 minutes as a last resort. Yet car won’t rise. Has anybody any tips on this issue?
Thank you.


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MBFanatic  1 year 2 months ago

It is possible that the compressor works but it is not generating enough pressure. Have had that happened in the past. 

That would be my first guess. 


The problem is that you need Star Diagnostic or a Level 3 OBD2 scanner to diagnose this problem. 


That will allow you to test generated pressure. 

How long it takes for the air compressor to generate pressure. 

Check for leaks.