2006 SL55 AMG

Just got this car and I love it!!!!

To show my affection I stared to buy "her" some bling, ie; chrome trim. The first thing I added are chrome (metal) bumper guards, these are made by GAP (german auto parts) and sold on E-Bay by Autohaus24 #360793728483. As I am new to this forum I will try to attach a photo of the product. Even though this part is made to fit my car, including holes for the parktronic sensors, once I installed the trim and put my car in drive or reverse my parktronic alarm goes off and stays on until I start driving or shut it off. I should mention that the system worked perfectly BEFORE I installed the trim. I know I could remove it but honestly it looks great and I don't want to risk doing any damage to the car. Any ideas on how to fix this short of major surgery? Thanks

SL55 Chrome Bumper Covers



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CarCarePros made a comment.
1 year 1 month ago

Are there any more parking sensors on the bumper.

First I would make sure that there isn't any sensor that is covered.

If that's not the case, (which I don't think it is, but it is hard to see from the picture), the next thing to try is to enlarge the holes or tapper the holes from the outside. Because the reason the parking sensor goes off right now is that the beam bounces off the wall of the hole.

Basically you will need to do this to your new chrome trim.

chrome trim


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karrnutt made a comment.
1 year 1 month ago

You are correct! When I installed these chrome strips it was a nice warm day, then, overnight the temp. dropped like a rock!

The next morning I just touched the chrome strips and they feel off!!! I guess I should be glad it happened at home and not on the road!

The good thing is when I put the car in gear the sensors worked perfectly. What my plan now is to wait for an "extended period" of 70 degree weather then place the strips on with masking tape to check their alignment BEFORE I attach them with body molding tape.

Thanks for your help!


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