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Over the last few months my turn signals were erratically performing. Now they stop working and when I put in drive and reach the speed for the doors to lock my wipers turn on. The only way to shut off the wipers is to put the turn signal on. Doesn't matter RT or LT.... OR open the door while driving and the wipers stop. SOUNDS like SAM to me after all my research, which led me to this site.

I'm in Calgary Canada and want to know where is the SAM located on the unit and are they any services to reprogram or repair SAM units in Canada?


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BMWadict  5 months 1 week ago

Yeah, that does sound like a Front SAM issue. They are typically installed in the engine bay.

Before you replace any parts, I would strongly recommmend that you get the car scanned with Star Diagnostic scanner. Some Mercedes mechanics have it. If you can't find one, consider taking the car to the dealer just for a diag.

As far as replacing the SAM, for that year it may not need programing. I am not 100%. But you can look more into that, once you confirm that the SAM is the issue.

Let us know what you decide, find out.

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jeremy  5 months 1 week ago

Sounds like a bad SAM unit. Get the car scanned with DAS and let us know what codes you get.

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renman07  5 months 1 week ago

I took it in with a fellow who works on Mercedes. He scanned it and the SAM had no issues. He's as miffed as we are. I left it with him to diagnose it

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