2007 BMW 335xi - CC-ID 682 - What does this code indicate?

Question by ToddinMA posted 1 week 4 days ago in 2005-2011 (E90, E91, E92, E93)

I've got brake, ABS and 4x4 yellow warning lights on the dash.

The code on the dash for this fault is CC-ID 682...can't find what this code points to after searching many internet topics.

I had to have the right front wheel bearing replaced a few weeks back and within hours of getting the car back, these lights came on. I cleaned the right front ABS speed sensor and that cleared it up for a day or two.  I also checked the left front ABS sensor and cleaned it up, too.  Fault code is still there.

The two sensors have resistance values of 111k to 119 k ohms on the 200k ohm scale setting.

Does anyone know for sure what CC-ID 682 means/points to? I can't find it on any sites so far, and the wiki for bentleypublishers referred to in this forum is not reachable for some reason.