2007 gl450

I am working on a 2007 GL450. The fuel pump is not receiving power, but upon initial start / crank, leave fuel pump relay and secondary fuel pump fuse which is 20 amp energizer's for approximately 7 Seconds. During those 7 Seconds the fuel pump does not receive power. I have read online that there is an inertia switch and I'm wondering where it is 2 diagnose this problem


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MercedesMedic made a comment.
1 year ago

What you are talking about is the prime process when you first turn on the key. What you should do is check the wires from the fuel pump relay to the fuel pump. You can jump the fuel pump relay for a few seconds. If you don't get the fuel pump to engage there is a problem with the wires to it or the fuel pump itself. If the fuel pump does work you should use an advanced scanner, ideally Star Diagnostic to troubleshoot the engine electronic (ME control unit) module.


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