2007 Kia Amanti Oil Change (DIY tips and how-to's)


First, I would like to thank the creator of this website for creating such a wonderful website like this for people like me who does not know much about cars and the ins-and-outs of mechanics. Normally, I would take my car to the car dealer or auto shop to get my oil changed, but being a poor student and with my father who recently had a serious stroke who is no longer able to guide me to get it changed, I became determined to be a more independent woman and try to do this on my own in the most budget-friendly and efficient way as possible. Not to sound dramatic, but if someone can please assist me to get my car oil changed, I would be truly thankful... I may sound cheap by not being willing to spend $90-100 getting my oil changed, but right now, every dollar is very precious to me. If someone who knows how to get a 2007 Kia Amanti oil changed, please email me at jyjkwak@gmail.com ASAP or please post a DIY guide and I would be forever grateful :(... 


Thank you very much for your time reading my message,