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First, I would like to thank the creator of this website for creating such a wonderful website like this for people like me who does not know much about cars and the ins-and-outs of mechanics. Normally, I would take my car to the car dealer or auto shop to get my oil changed, but being a poor student and with my father who recently had a serious stroke who is no longer able to guide me to get it changed, I became determined to be a more independent woman and try to do this on my own in the most budget-friendly and efficient way as possible. Not to sound dramatic, but if someone can please assist me to get my car oil changed, I would be truly thankful... I may sound cheap by not being willing to spend $90-100 getting my oil changed, but right now, every dollar is very precious to me. If someone who knows how to get a 2007 Kia Amanti oil changed, please email me at ASAP or please post a DIY guide and I would be forever grateful :(... 


Thank you very much for your time reading my message,



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BMWadict  2 months 4 weeks ago

Hi Jenni,

The cheapest way to change the oil on your car is to get the filter and oil from walmart. Both filter and oil is cheaper there than it is at Advance, Autozone or other auto part stores.

Then you can follow this guide.

To be honest, you can also find coupons from local auto repair shops that offer oil change for about $20. You will be spending that much on oil and filter too. The catch is that the shop will give you a list of other things that are wrong with your car and hope that you fix these problems there. But of course you don't have too.

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jennicayeunji  2 months 4 weeks ago

Dear Jeff, Thank you very much for your kind and informative response. This was really helpful. Since this is my first time attempting to do an oil change myself and it needs to be done asap, I've taken your suggestion and found a place where they will do it for me for about $60. I guess because my car takes synthetic blend or higher, it costs more :( Next time, I will follow your guide and attempt it myself! Thank you VERY much for your help! :)

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