2007 Mercedes ML350

ML350 ABS, ESP inactive warning on. The Triangle with the ! point is flashing causing the breaks to lock up and make the car stop moving. Had transmission problem after this started happening. Took to the shop and had the transmission pump replaced due to missing teeth. Could this be from the ABS, ESP problem and how can I disable this function so that I can test transmission with out interference from the ABS system. I have heard you can disable the ABS system, can you please instruct me how to do this, thank you! 


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MercedesMedic made a comment.
1 year 3 months ago

Yes, an ABS problem can affect the transmission. Not that it will cause transmission problems, but what happens it puts your transmission in limp mode. Meaning stuck in second gear. 

I wouldn't worry about the transmission at this point. Fix the ABS problem first. Was the system scanned? What codes came up? It could be something as simple as a bad wheel speed sensor or a bad brake light switch. You can disable ABS by unplugging the ABS relay. That will not solve any problems though. 

As far as transmission, there is a chance that real transmission issues are coming up at the same time. But the ABS system will not cause any "real" transmission problems other put it in limp mode. 

What scanner is used to pull codes?


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