2007 Mercedes ML350 Rear SAM unit started on fire. Now what?

Question by lalapaluzza posted 6 months 1 week ago in M-Class

The rear SAM module obviously shorted out and ignited this past weekend. Not only is the unit completely melted but all the wires going into the area as well.

what I am trying to find out is if it's worth even considering having the car repaired? or if it's repairable? and if so what kind of cost would I be looking at.

My first thought is "No Way" God only knows what melted down the line and what was and wasn't damaged. And even if it could be repaired would it ever be the same? I say "probably not" but I am not a mechanic. and the reason I am here looking for help.

HELP!!!!!!!!! : (

I will appreciate any help or suggestions.