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Describe all symptoms in detail.

Try to answer as many of the following questions as possible:

  • Do the symptoms happen when the vehicle is cold or warm?
  • Does the problem happen while you are driving?
  • Does the problem occur all the time or just once in a while?
  • When did you first notice it?
  • Are any other warning lights on?

The more details you prove the better. 


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GOLDMAN  2 weeks 2 days ago

Purchased as titled second owner.  Yes, previous owner was Senior Citizen who only drove to church and bank robberies!  Have had vehicle for almost one year and have "small" issues but most notably the Speed Control does not work - secondary issue, the windshield washer does not work to squirt any juice.  I've looked at fuses but all are working.  I've looked for anything obvious, under the hood, as far as anything being unfastened or broken.  I'm not a knuckle buster so I'm not savvy about troubleshooting and when I look to YouTube I don't see any remedies.  I've attempted to set the Speed Control at various speeds - usually plus 25mph, sometimes above 40mph, still no results.

Sometimes when I start the vehicle and drive the "seat belt guy" on the dashboard shows up, even though I religiously use my seat belt and there are no other occupants.Sometimes when I start the car the "passenger seat belt" light comes on and sometimes it says it's not engaged (my word).  The vehicle runs fantastic, air conditioning cold enough to hang beef, had to replace three dead brake bulbs (two on back dash) one outside left. 

Looking for some thoughts from those in the know - wise guys keep moving!

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Boki  2 weeks 2 days ago



Regarding windshield washer - you can check if there is a 'buzzing' sound from area of the w.washer tank when you try spraying (have someone assist you, operating the wiper stalk). If there is a sound, you probably have blocked tubes toward nozzled. If not, chances are your washer pump died. 

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