We have done an oil change and filter change on my g/box. Used LiquiMoly ATF TopTec 1800 oil. Once we started the car it made a strange noice, and when you ref up the car the noice goes louder and the gearbox light came up. Drive became Reverse. The mechanic recons although the oil code is for the gbox, that it is due to the incorrect oil used, and the noice comes from the oil pump running dry. The noice was not there before we changes the pan filter and oil, and not warning lights came on prior to work done. Should I change the oil to Ferbi ATF2 oil, or what could be the cause of the noice?

We unscrewed the plug where you pour in the oil and about 1.5lt came out (he said due to hot oil that expanded). The warning light went off, and gears shifted correctly, until we filled it up again until oil came pouring out at the fill up plug. Difficult to describe the noice on here, but it has a zwing sound, like faulty dry pulleys turning, and when it iddles it has like a grinding grr sound every now an then, like a dry bearing. 


I would drop the oil pan and make sure the filter is seated properly. The noise is from the transmission oil pump running dry. Don't keep the car on for too long like this as you will burn the oil pump. This problem is not because you used a different oil than the recommended by the dealer. 

Let us know what you find out. 

Glad you figured it out and it was not a major problem. Thanks for the update. 

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