2009 bmw 1 series wipers won’t turn off, dashboard lights on

 My bmw all of a sudden started going crazy. The wipers won’t turn off unless the engine is off and the key is out. My dashboard lights are on, abs light, air bag light, steering light, tyre pressure light, traction control light and the speedometer isn’t working at all, the fuel gage is going mad, one minute it says I have 100 miles left the next I have 20 miles left. I’ve seen 2 auto electricians and a mechanic and no-one can work out the fault. The auto electrician suggested the abs pump and control unit, this didn’t work. I tried a new abs pump and also had my old one sent off for testing and it came back that it was absolutely fine. I’ve tried the junction box and this hasn’t made a difference. I’m at my whits end! The batteries been checked  so has the alternator and the power supply cable has been changed during the recall. 


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MBFanatic made a comment.
7 months 3 weeks ago

I think you may have more than one issue going on here.

When you or the mechanic scanned the car, what fault codes do you get?


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bf12345 made a comment.
7 months 3 weeks ago

E599, E597, E594, 93FB, A559, A3AC, A550 and A3B9


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