2009 c class hid low beams

We have recently had a low beam go out on a 2009 Mercedes c300. We went to local parts store to purchase bulb. However when we got home and popped the hood it appears that there are HID lights in this car and are unable to find any diagrams, instructions, or videos showing how to change these. We are at a loss but need a headlight as our low beam is not working on the passenger side at all.


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MBFanatic made a comment.
1 year 8 months ago

Mercedes that have HID bulbs typically used what is called D2S bulb. They are a lot cheaper if you buy online than if you buy them at your local auto parts store. At your parts store they will cost over $100 per bulb. Online they are a fraction of that. As far as replacing them it is not that hard. Turn the lights off and wait at least 10 min. Make sure you remove the key from the ignition. Or even better disconnect the battery. Access the back of the headlight. It is tight behind the headlight but you should be able to remove the cover by twisting it counterclockwise. Unplug the wire from the HID bulb. Remove the HID bulb from headlight assembley and install the new one in reverse order.


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