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Hello, so I e550 09' which was recently in an accident and damaged the front left of the vehicle where the pump for the airmatic is. I have replaced it and the pump works fine. The rear right was also damaged and replaced a floor pan and rear body panel. So my question is when I turn the vehicle on, the pump starts, my vehicle says "rising" then only says "malfunction" nothing else. The pump works, air is going through the system, but the vehicle doesn't rise, the fuses are fine, relay is fine, regulator works, I'm going crazy here!!! Anyone come across this issue or can help me diagnose the problem would be great!!


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MBFanatic  1 year 4 months ago

A line may have been damaged during the accident that is causing a small leak. The compressor works, lights the car a little and then it can't complete the task. If the compressor can't raise the car within the required time, the car will turn it off and you will get the message. Time to get some soapy water and inspect the lines between the compressor, air tank and valve block. The valve block may also be the issue, but I doubt it. Let us know what you find.

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Alex Mason  1 year 4 months ago

I will defiantly try that thanks for the input, I'll let you know how that works out, someone also had mentioned to me to get it reset? Not sure how I would go about doing that. Any thoughts?

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