2009 Kia Optima Gear Shift

My car cranked but when I moved the gear shift it moved but the car says that it is in neutral no matter where I move it to. The gear shift in Park but it is still reading Neutral and now my car won't crank. While the car was on it started rolling backwards and I had to pull up the emergency brake to keep from hitting the garage door. Does this mean that my transmission is gone or  do I need to just replace some parts in the gear shift?



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MBFanatic made a comment.
9 months 3 weeks ago

There is a connection between shifter module to the transmission housing that may have come loose. 

The first thing that you need to do is get under the car and inspect the connection. Since your vehcile is NOT in part you need to be extermly careful when getting under the car or risk the car falling on you. 

Your car will not start because the shifter needs to be in Park position. 

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BMWadict made a comment.
9 months 3 weeks ago

Were you able to solve this problem?


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