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Hi guys I just purchased this nice little 335d bmw and i got it cheap because all three stalks on the steering column are dead, there is only one button on one of the stalks that does anything and its the message center button that sets time and date etc.. I have a maxisys elite coming today and was wondering where i should test or start to look, nothing on the car has been modded or taken apart, im assuming all these column wires go to some modules and am suspecting a ground issue?



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BMWadict  3 months 4 weeks ago

Probably just a bad szl module. On this page go to vehicles > bmw >troubleshooting > szl module

With your scanner do a full system scan and see what codes come up. 

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MBFanatic  3 months 3 weeks ago

I would start with reading the codes first. Have you done that yet?

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K2  3 months 3 weeks ago

just got a used szl unit from a wrecker today and scanned the car just for kicks and there is a internal error on the unit in the car, will be putting the used one on tomm. we will see how it goes, the only thing that i am concerned with is programming the unit once installed, maybe the maxi sys elite can do this ?


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BMWadict  3 months 2 weeks ago

Did you get the wiper and other functions yo work? 

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