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Submitted by Lukas on June 21, 2021


At the beginning I would like to thank you for all what you are doing. I own a 2010 Mercedes S400 Hybrid with 114k miles on it. Some time ago my car just not started for the parking lot. The car hasn't been giving me any codes on the screen. The mechanic I spoke said that it is bad hybrid battery and the fuse inside has to be replaced, he took the battery out of the car and now he is telling me that to fix it I have to pay him $3500. How he knows that the BMS is broken? How I can check that to be sure that this is true what he says. He also told me that it happened because of AC, the fuse inside the BMS got burned. Is this possible? The Battery % when the car stopped was at 84%. No codes on the screen. Could you please help. I appreciate any advice.