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My car will not start by pressing start button or by manually entering with either of my 2 keys. Everything powers on the car but when I press the start button it actually powers off the car, says please don't forget key and when I manually turned the key on. The car powers down and say to take ignition key out. I am getting reverse of what is suppose to happen. I am waiting for my mechanic to call me back. Any suggestions if its a simply reset or something would be amazing. Thank you.

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EuroTech  11 months 2 weeks ago

It could be an issue with the igntion module (EIS) or the keyless go. Before you start spending money try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and see if that helps.

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melissa561  11 months 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for your feedback. We did try to do that, it didn't work. We did have the ignition switch replaced about a year ago.