When i move from complete stop one of the front wheels is making the cherping rotery sound that stops after i reach about 10-15 mpg. And also stops completly after driven for few miles, ive been told its a bad upper arm controler, but i decided to change breakpads instead. The problem continues... Could it be the upper arm controler?  Please help! 


It could very well be the upper control arm. What you should do is jack up that wheel and support it properly. Grab the tire at 12 and 6 o'clock and try to rock it in and out. If you feel any play it could be the upper control arm.

If that is the case, inspect the upper control arm ball joint. They are often the culprit. The rubber boot often cracks which leads to the upper ball joint failure.

Another thing that you need to check if the dust shield behind the rotor. If it is too close to the rotor it can make noise at low speed.

Check it out and let us know what you find.

Thanks soo much for your respond. Both upper and lower arm controler rubber boots look fine no cracks, its a rotery based noise that gets faster as i accelerate up to the point that the chirping gets soo fast that it stops. And after driving for about 10 min it stops 

Maybe the caliper is sticking? Because i noticed that when the car is rolling after acceleration, it slowes down quicker then it should sometimes like something is holding it back. Ive been to several mechanics and no one can pinpoint the problem. Its always maybe this maybe that. 

Well I can't blame the mechanics for this one. I would hold on replacing the upper control arm at this point. From what you describe the noise is coming from a component on the steering knuckle.

You may be on the right path with the caliper. Remove it and grease it especially the guide pins. Check the installation of the brake wear sensor as well and the wire that goes to it.

Check the semi-axle, their boots and the clamps on the CV boots.

Inspect the routing of the ABS wheel speed sensor as well.

Looking forward to hearing what you find out.

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