2011 Mercedes Benz ML 350 4-Matic - Instrument cluster replacement

Question by tonyz28 posted 2 months ago in 2006-2011 (W164)

I recently replaced the original instrument cluster with a brand new one in my 2011 Mercedes Benz ML 350 4-Matic because the Multifunction display was not working. Specifically the display that shows the millage (odometer) went out. The new instrument cluster display works fine except doesn't show the original miles on the vehicle. There is a flashing dash line where the millage should be. Is there anything I need to do in order to get the display to show the current millage? Very concerned that something is not working correctly on the "new" instrument cluster. The part is an original Mercedes Benz part and cost was $1,875.00. The original part number was: "164-900-78-00" and the new part number that replaces the old one is "251-900-59-00". Any advise would be appreciated.