2011 Mercedes GLK 350 Transmission problem

Question by smk_texas posted 4 months 3 weeks ago in 2010-____ (X204)

Hi , I changed the transmission fluid on my 2011 Mercedes GLK350. I drained the fluid from the TC as well. Tried to remove the valve body to clean it out but couldn't get it out. It was stuck at one corner where the connection port is located. So put it back together and pumped in about 8.50 liters of Pentosin OEM (blue) fluid . Warmed the car up to 45c while shifting thru the gears (P-D and back). Now the car won't move in any gear. Also , i had to jump the battery before i started the car. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. There are no codes and no CEL. I have done many tranny fluid changes in the past on Mercedes vehicles with no problems but this one is very strange. Any help would be appreciated. TY. smk_texas

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