Hi. Can a faulty lower motor mount cause a jerk or jolt from 4th to 3rd in a automatic transmission? Or what else can cause this?


You would notice a jolt when changing any gear not just when downshifting from 4 to 3. In fact you would notice the jolt more in the lower gears.

Only 4 to 3 jolt would be low transmission fluid or valve body going bad. 

You may want to consider transmission fluid change.

How many miles on your car? 


The Vehicle has +/- 115000 Km. Transmission Fluid was changed about a year ago. But i'm still having the same problem.

Is it difficult to change the Fluid?

It is not difficult to change the transmission fluid but if it was done a year ago there is no need to do it at this time.

Do you have any warning lights on the dashboard? Check engine light on? 

My guess would be the valve body. But I would let a transmission shop mechanic take a quick test drive in it and see what they think. 

Thanks a lot for the Help. Do you maybe have a link on how to change the Transmission Fluid. I might give it one more chance. Maybe they didn't use the Hyundai SP4-M.

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