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I have a question about my 2012 C300. My voice command button on my steering wheel doesn't seem to work. You push it and. Nothing happens, I've read that you can pull the fuse to perform a reset? Does anyone have any other things I can try ?


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MBFanatic  1 year 4 months ago

To me it sounds like you have a broken button. Sure you can try to pull the fuse but I doubt it will work on your case. You will need to replace the steering wheel button itself. It can be replaced. You will have to take off the airbag. But at least you only need a new button assembly not a whole steering wheel.

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Thomas Wright  1 year 4 months ago

Ok thank you ! I'll check into getting a button.

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MBFanatic  1 month 4 weeks ago

Did you get it fixed? 

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