I purchased a 2012 Mercedes E350. The battery is OK (checked), I replaced the starter relay, all fuses are OK.  I have a OBD II  tester.  I have 2 DTC codes

U10388  Diagnostic CAN communication has a malfunction.  Bus off.

U11600  A Bus keepawake unit was detected.


All electronics in the car work. It was a flood damage car. Under the carpet looks fine.




Hi Jerry,

Sorry to hear about your troubles with your new E350. The car has multiple modules all over and if one of them fails it can prevent the car from starting.

My guess would be that a module such as Central Gateway is damaged.

What you will need is to find a shop that has Mercedes Star Diagnsoc scanner C3 or C4. You can buy it from eBay.  That will allow you to read codes and check all the modules. The first thing that you will notice is that a module is not going to respond. Which will need further diagnostics.

Do you know how high the water go on the car? Sometimes you can see the dirt on the door panel.

Thanks for the reply.  There was no visible line and under the passenger side looks clean and dry with just a little signs of (dust/dirt) that there had been some moisture. At first I thought it may be in the column lock, but my scanner seems to tell me all the key functions are fine. All electronics are working, just no start.

I have several Mercedes, so I may think about getting a Star scanner. I am getting a couple of codes from my OBDII, but don't know how to interpret them completely. I just don't know if I would have the knowledge to use a Star scanner correctly. I don't understand what the "bus off" error is after the "Diagnostic CAN communication has a malfunction".

I am getting into salvage cars some and have gotten great deals. This is the first one that has had an electrical problem that I haven't been able to solve yet. It is a challenge.



I have ordered a C4 Star Diagnostic system for myself. When it arrives will it tell me where the 1 CAN is located? Can this be remedied by the Star system? Are CAN control units reprogrammable, or can they be swapped out with another one.

Thanks very much for your reply,


CAN is just the name for the network. Basically if it is a damaged wire harness, you can swap it out and replace it with another one. Even a used one.

But the problem could be one of the modules. When you get your scanner, connect it, select your model. Then do a full system scan. Look at all the faults.

See if any module is not responding it will show: !

Also pay attention if any module has current codes which will show as: F

Any module with stored codes, and you will see a few, can be reset. They will show as: f

I would focus on the F and ! modules on your summary screen.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the information. It will be a few days till I receive my Star system. I have been looking online at how to use. I will let you know when I can check it out.

Thanks very much,


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