2012 Mercedes Gl450 Air Suspension Issue - Rear Air Bags Not Inflating

I just replaced the entire air suspension system on my 2012 GL450. New air springs at all 4 corners and a new air compressor pump. Turned the key and the front air springs inflated just fine. rear air springs are not inflating. 40 amp fuse for the pump in the engine compartment is fine. 15 amp AIRMATIC fuse in rear is fine. Is there something I'm missin?


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MBFanatic made a comment.
1 year 8 months ago

There could be something wrong with the valve block. It diverts the air to the rear and front air springs. Another possibility is the level sensor on the back. I know the W220 had one level sensor for both rear tires but I don't know on the GL450 if there is only one or two. Did you have this problem before?

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Visitor made a comment.
1 year 8 months ago

The left rear air bag blew. Instead of half assing it I decided to replace everything. All new air springs at the corners as well as the air suspension compressor. The only items I did not replace was the green relay in the fuse box located below the 40 amp fuse for the compressor and the valve block. I have the relay on order and will try that. If that does not fix it then the valve block it is. Thanks for replying and helping me out.

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fwhalstead made a comment.
1 year 7 months ago

Okay so the entire system has been replaced...new bags at all four corners, new valve block, new compressor, new fuse and relay. Still no joy. Rear bags will not inflate. Any clue?


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