I followed the youtube video about replacing the battery without having to register and had a few problems after. First off,I didn't know that the battery in my car lasted almost 9 years,I would just went to the dealer to get another BMW battery,most batteries only last 3 years if your lucky. So I replaced and then steering was tight,no sport mode and soft acceleration.

 The codes that came up were:

1) Chassis Stabilization Malfunction

2) DBC Malfunction! Drive Carefully

3) Servotronic Malfunction

4) Set time And Date(Done)

.....So I drove home and parked the car till I received a Carly obd,I re-installed the battery,negative off first,positive next,then put positive back on and the negative,registered new battery on Carly app and I still had same problems,both times, after driving a lil bit the error codes went away. However,I have no sport mode,I can push shifter over to sport mode but when i push the sport mode M button on the steering wheel,sport mode doesn't kick in,the speedometer on the windshield does not change to sport mode either. Right now,I'm a bartender forn New Orleans area and have been out of work sinc mid March,All my savings has been used up or I would have sent the X6 to the dealer. What do I need to do to fix without sending the car to the dealer and pay the exhausting prices(paid over $2400 for fuel injector clip that failed,had to pay for diagnostic,$600 after taxes and like $1800 just for the clip,they said they were gonna replace the injector but paperwork showed different,then service decided to say that fuel injector work starts at $1600. I felt I got screwed so that was second reason why I tried myself. I'm mechanic savy,I have a 97 trans am that I basically took apart over the years and put back together,she runs but havin a problem with fuel shuttin off when turning either way,waitin to go back to work because I'm thinkin of selling or trading this car in. Its made so the dealer is the only one who can work on besides,spark plugs,brake pads,and coils. Any help is great help,thanks for taking time...its much appreciated



It is not recommended to replace the battery and not register it.

Here are instrucitons on how to register the battery.

The same scan tool you use to register the battery, you should be able to read fault codes. You need to read fault codes from these modules:

  • ABS control module
  • Stabilty Control
  • Traction Control
  • Transmission

Let us know what codes you have and if they are showing as present or stored status.