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the engine light came on a while back. Took it to the garage, they changed spark plugs and coil. All was well but ten days later the light came on again.

Took it to a different mechanic and they have quoted to change the timing chain, timing adjusters, timing guide, venous wheel(?), inlet and exhaust cam shaft sensors.

Does this make sense?  



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EuroTech  9 months 4 weeks ago

Sure it makes sense. There are two possbilites.

  1. The spark plugs werent the issue in the first place. Timing chain was the real issue from the begining.
  2. Spark plugs had gone bad and needed to be replaced. Timing chain issue came up 10 days latter.

Which is case applies to you I don't know. If you wanted to figure out, you need to get the troulbe codes from the first diagnostic and compare it to the second.

If the timing chain is streched it makes sense to replace the guides and camshaft sensors.

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