I own a 2014 VW CC R Line 2.0T, codes CCTA and PPZ. After a DSG fluid change it developed a noise coming from the Mechatronic. It also shifts erratically mostly downshifting. Should I do a DSG reset and also would the Foxwell NT624 Elite do such operation? 

Transmission does not make any noises or have any clutch slipping. Also it doesn't do it in reverse only when placed in D and when downshifts. It is like "hunting to engage in gear". NOT a grinding noise.



Jonah, March 1, 2021

I would say do a DSG reset, and yes, that Foxwell should be able to do a reset. Keep in mind that these VW CC's are known for having transmission problems, so it could be a bigger problem. Also check the fluid level in the transmission while it's running; it could be low.

Fisi, March 2, 2021

Did you put the exact fluid for DSG ? How many litters does it required ? I think the mechanic did something wrong  while you have replaced fluid in your car. 

Try DSG reset and learn it from the beginning.