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i bought a 8.0 ss card for my map pilot. I get 60 days to update to a higher map if necessary. I updated to the 9.0 everything went fine until it went to activate. It asked for the username and password. Now I logged into the mb website and it showed that so i imputed it didn’t work. Now I have an expensive ss card that says when I put into my ss slot in my car that the maps are locked




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MercedesMedic  1 year ago

Sorry to hear about your troubles updating the maps.

To be honest I have never had that happen. Where did you buy the maps? Where they from the dealer? If they were give them a call or even stop by. They should be able to help you without charging anything. 


Let us know how it goes.

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unit1959  1 year ago

No I bought new off Ebay. The ss card worked. I just wanted to update to the v9.0. I just wanted to know what username a password to use to activate the new maps that were written onto the ss card. Of course I didn’t back up. It is an expensive lesson to learn