I have an issue where my 2015 W205 C300 has intermittent trouble restarting from an ECO Stop. The dashboard lights come on and the car won't restart. I then have to place push the KEYLESS-GO ON/OFF button to restart. The odd thing is it is intermittent. If ECO start/stop is turned off, it is not an issue however if you forget you could stall at a light unexpectedly. It never has an issue starting when I first enter the car.

I changed the starter last year after it failed. The auxiliary battery was changed 2 yrs ago, the main battery and battery sensor are new as well. I took it to the dealer for a Xentry scan and they did not find any codes. They thought the voltage dip limiter might be failing since it doesn't occur outside of the ECO Start / Stop process. That part on the positive terminal was changed but the problem still persists. 

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Any thoughts on resolving this? I've attached a video to show what happens.