Since I parked it this morning my Sprinter has slowly died it seems. I have the following happening. Can't get it into the shop until the 23rd of May. Please Help..

-Low Range Light flashing. Following message, LOW RANGE Malfunction to park, apply parking brake. 

-Emergency Vehicle Some Functions Unavailable 

- Adaptive High Beam assist inoperative

-SRS Malfunction Service required

-I also have check engine, brake, battery and oil temp lights constant on

-All lights on like a Christmas tree on speedometer side.

-key fob has stopped working, changed battery, red IR light is coming on. 

-auto door locks are not working, windows either. Unresponsive

-Vehicle cranked at 6am, drove into work no prob

-Got it to crank at about 10am but with all the issues. Haven't been able to since.





A lot of these problem can be due to low battery voltage. I would charge the battery and then test it. Or the other option is to install a new battery. 

Once you replace/charge the battery, start the car and turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and right a couple of times while in park. Then take a short 2 min trip. A lof of these lights and warning should reset but not all. 

The airbag light will still stay on. Other lights may stay on as well. Get a good Mercedes scanner and read the codes from all the modules. Those codes can help us troubleshoot your vehicle further. Good luck and let me know if I can be of any more help. 

Most of the time issue is due to low battery voltage if two or more faults appeared at the same time. You can check your battery voltage using a voltmeter or multimeter. The battery voltage should be above 12.8V. If it's below the range try to put it in charge overnight. In the morning check the battery charger if it's showing full charge. if not you can change directly replace your battery but if yes, disconnect the battery from the charger and wait for 2 - 3mins before checking your battery voltage. A fully charged battery should have 13.2V and above. You can use your old battery. When your battery showing full charge and your battery voltage show below 13V your battery is faulty. you should replace it. Once you replaced the battery some of the faults my be gone. this is because some car needs to code the battery once you replaced it. If there's a fault in power steering, try to turn your steering wheel full right and hold for 1min do the same to the left. You should do it while the engine is running at idle speed car is not moving.